Health & Prevention

How could we not propose a section in which talk about health promotion and prevention? A place in which explain some of the most common technical and medical terms that you often face?

We would like to collect here what scientific world retains valid and/or necessary to maintain or improve patients' health. Even if this brief introduction seems to talk about homeopathy, actually it doesn't: an accurate pharmacological treatment is not replaceable by any other natural remedy such as berries, roots and flowers; but on the other side, Nature gives us the keys that unlocks the doors to a healthy, long life.

Where the society brings us to the excess, to the "fast and now", to listen to our nature may help us to avoid exaggeration which can become bad habits and lay the foundation for even important diseases such as cancer.
The Readers could obviously think about alcohol and smoke addiction, but it is not just them: we can and must identify as our health's worst enemy "the excess".


Whenever possible, this documents' review will be updated with the newest articles regarding prevention and healthcare to help the interested reader to smooth edges of his/her own excess and maybe, to discover some hidden other!