Urology - Prostate - Fusion Biopsy

Fusion Biopsy is an innovative and early-come technology which allows us to make biopsies using diverse type of diagnostic images.

Most important advantages are two: the first of all hospitals and physician have a higher detection rate, it means that smaller and before-undetectable tumors now are diagnosed more easily and when they are not so dangerous. It follows that it is possible to choose a better therapy in case biopsies are positives.

Fusion Biopsy equipment are able to create a 3d model based on previous recorded MRI of the patient and the Ultrasound probe used during biopsies procedures. The physician marks the prostate and Regions of Interests on the MR images and then the software elaborate a 3d model.
Then it is possible to use the US probes and the tracking system of the equipment to reach the suspicious volume with biopsy needle and record biopsies.


Often risk indicators such as PSA lead to suspect a tumour but other diagnostic systems are not able to detect it so that patients are subjected to randomly repeated biopsies procedures with mixed results. There is also patients on who we would be more effective because they are particularly weak, old or because they simply have a big prostate.

Fusion Biopsy system comes to aid physicians against these issues avoiding us to subject patients to a lot of unsuccessful biopsy samples.